House of Blues

House of Blues

“Nothing on the old property had been maintained, and the site work presented a major challenge,” recalls builder Jim Hoffman of Sound Beach Partners, who, along with Doron Sabag, was the owner’s first hire; they also brought the architects and designer to the project. Hoffman credits landscape architect James Doyle of Doyle Herman Design Associates with organizing the back of the property with a series of terraced granite steps that now lead to a flat grassy play area and the tennis court below it. “He managed to place the tennis courts at the bottom of a second hill and almost out of sight,” Hoffman adds.

While the deft use of blue keeps things energetic and youthful, it’s the combination of a strong modern statement with an underlying traditional foundation that tells the real story. “And the team’s edited approach to both the architecture and the interior design helped accomplish that goal.”

By Mindy Pantiel | Photographs by Keith Scott Morton and Eric Richards

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